Our homes and how we use them…

Since the pandemic began, we are having to readjust our homes to give us space to focus in all areas of our life. It has never been so stretched, and we find ourselves in newly defined ‘work’ and ‘play’ zones.

This may change for some of us, and we will go back to our respective work locations, but for many it may become the norm. A recent Gartner study reflects this in a report commissioned in July last year.

Gartner Report : Company leader intentions regarding flexible working after COVID-19

Is it essential to commute if you can do everything you need to do via video calls, messaging, and phone calls? Do we really want to be doing a daily commute when it is not necessary and is not practical anymore?

In the last 12 months, the world has been tipped upside down. Perhaps a few positive changes that will come out of this can be beneficial for our health and wellbeing.

When we emerge from the current UK lockdown in mid-April it will be good to look at things with fresh eyes and ideas, taking all the above into account.

A good work/life balance is very important – with the emphasis on a healthy mind and body. It rates as one of the most important things we all crave. We want to feel comfortable, secure, and happy.

Our homes play a huge part in this. We are all trying to make use of every room, corner, surface to ensure we have the best living situation. If you have a room or area that is not used or has become a ‘dumping ground’ – take a moment to rethink how that space could be best utilised. If you need to sell off a few pieces of furniture to add a desk and shelving area in a corner to give that much needed work zone, now is the time to spring clean and refresh your rooms.

We have so many sites for selling second-hand items which is the ‘eco’ way of saving it from the tip. Once you start letting go of stuff, it becomes quite liberating. Especially if the result is a tidier, work friendly, comfy home. You will also get a little something for selling the item that can always be put aside towards the new desk, lamp or whatever!

In addition, if you are not using something and it is just in the way – you don’t even have to sell it on, as someone less fortunate may be delighted to have it for free.

So, what’s the advice from The Kauri Tree team?

Add what you need and take out what you don’t!  Be creative and only have things around you that you love. It will make you happy and content, and that can only be a good thing.

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