Repair or despair……

The problem :

When our old sofas, chairs or footstools finally give out, many of us would think,
“Great, lets buy a new one!”. However, it can be sad to lose a ‘trusted friend’ that has offered comfort and support for so many years. The solution to this problem is simple – do not throw it out!

The solution :

Try to renovate the item to save it from going into landfill. You may need to adapt the style to suit your needs, but now is the perfect time to adjust the look and feel of your ‘old friend’.

You may need a firmer seat to give extra support or higher back cushions for added comfort. At the very least, new interiors can change the seating immediately.
Often, a valance or skirt on the base of a sofa can make it look more classic or formal, so if you are going for a more modern look, lose the valance and have a plain front. You may be able to change the colour and design of the leg to make it look less traditional. Try changing from a turned leg to a tapered leg. These are some things to consider if renovating – and they can completely change the look and feel of your old furniture.

Generally, renovations should cost around 75% the cost of new furniture. I am basing this on good quality frames that often have at least 25yrs warranty on them (but often last a lot longer than that.)
Springs may need changed, but a good upholsterer will always check thoroughly to ensure the complete item is sound. The items will come back to you as good as new, looking fresh with your new choice of fabric and design tweaks added. It is very rewarding when doing projects on old furniture as they really do get a second life.
So, if you are considering throwing out your old upholstery furniture, think again. The planet will thank you, and so will your bank balance ! Plus, good friends are hard to find so if you have one keep them close.

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